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The Shamwow: Will It Wow You?

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By KREX News Room


Updated: Wed, 09 Oct 2013 10:03:00 MST

It's called the Shamwow, known as a towel and sponge in one. It promises to get you out of a messy situation squeaky clean. “Youll be saying wow every time you use this towel,” says its pitchman. Let's see if he's right. We took the Shamwow cleaning towel to Carl Slagle, owner of Elite Cleaning Services here in Grand Junction. With a commercial cleaning business, you can imagine, finding a good rag can save them some money. “It would be very beneficial to us to be able to find one product," said Slagle. We had to test it out. One of the promises: "Holds 12 times its weight in liquid. Look at this! It just does the work." We had our supplies ready and dunked the towel in a shallow bowl of water. And while we thought it was absorbing the water... "Water sound," said Slagle, "No, it didn't get it all. I certainly wouldn't say it stands up to what they say it's going to.” We also poured some water on a shirt to test out if you can really dry clothes just by rolling them up in the Shamwow. "All right, so I guess from what i see, it says to kinda just roll it up in the fabric," Slagle said. Slagle rolled the shirt for a few minutes, and then, when we rolled it out, unfortunately, he found: “Well it certainly isn't dry." Another bust, and we're left with a wet shirt. Then for the stain remover promise. We'll pour a little red wine on an orange cloth and see how it does. "I would be very surprised if this works. Red wine's hard to get out of anything," said Slagle. Slagle padded the Shamwow into the stain, but it just wouldn't come up. With over two dozen employees working for Elite Cleaning, would he give them the Shamwow to use on the job? "I don't think they'd be impressed at all. In fact, i wouldn't give them to them. I'm not impressed enough to give them to them," Slagle said. And what did our expert from the cleaning industry rate the Shamwow out of five stars? “They're not worth the money,” Slagle said. “I'd probably give them a two for our industry. They just wouldn't work at all.”
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