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The Seat Solution: A Cure to Your Backaches?

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By Meaghan Wallace


Updated: Mon, 09 Dec 2013 08:47:13 MST

Do you spend hours in the office every day, only to go home with aches and pains? The way you sit may have a lot to do with it, but not to worry: there's a seat cushion that promises to straighten out these troubles. Everyone has different ways of staying comfortable in their office chairs, but what is it doing to your back? Posture's important, there's absolutely no doubt about it. Mom's always saying, "Sit up straight!" And there's a reason for that: slouching not only looks bad, but feels bad. But not to worry, there may be a cure if you're suffering from backaches: the Seat Solution, an orthopedic cushion designed to keep your posture right. We took it to Randy Roman, a family chiropractor here in Grand Junction, who wasted no time testing it out. "I'm actually sitting on it right now. It does make you more aware you have to sit up because if you don't, you will fall forward," Roman said. "What it does is it causes you to engage your core, and in doing so, it supports all this here which supports the lower back." So it makes you sit up straight, but does it really ease the pressure off your tailbone? "As you see here, these bones are sitting on here. There's pressure here. It creates space, so there's not putting additional compression," Roman said, demonstrating with a model spinal column. It helps the spine like it says, but Roman adds, a comfy cushion's not all you need to get a health back. "I think just like anything else, it's only one factor in that equation. You cannot be excessively overweight and expect a seat cushion to help your posture. A seat wedge is not going to make a difference. It's a whole healthy lifestyle that ultimately takes care of your spine and improves your posture." Overall, what's our expert's five-star rating? "To engage the muscles and support the spine, this is definitely at least a four-star," Roman said. So if you're looking to make your seat more comfortable, this may just be your solution!
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