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The Pet Hair Magnet: Does It Get the Hair Out?

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By KREX News Room


Updated: Wed, 09 Oct 2013 09:51:52 MST

Everyone has a soft spot for their pets, but there's no denying the frustration that goes along with getting rid of the pet hair that sticks to just about anything. Well, pet lovers listen up: there's a new product that may ease your stress when things get a little hairy. There's nothing like the receiving love from a pet, but when it comes to the shedding hair from a pet, well, that's something most would rather do without. "It's everywhere. And there's no cure for it," said Becky Williams. Maybe there is a cure: the Hair Magnet promises to remove hair from virtually any surface. I headed to HBJ's grooming off of North Avenue in Grand Junction, where owner Becky Williams gets her share of four legged shedders. "I am a fanatic about cleanliness, and I always think you cannot find any pet hair in my home or in my shop, but it never fails. You will find it," Williams said. Williams was skeptical of the Pet Hair Magnet. She didn't know this would really work to keep her shop sparkling clean. "I don't see a magnet. It looks like it could clean windows," she said. For the purpose of this experiment, we took some pet hair: "Oh, Jim, messing up my bench really bad." And then we gave it a try. "Here goes nothing," Williams said. "Oh, my! It works!" Williams loved it so much she was quick to show it off to the first customer to come through the doors. And for the door mat, you guessed it--the hair came rolling right off. "I will use this," said Williams. There was one last thing we wanted to test it out on: her beloved fleece jacket, which hasn't been dog-hair free since the day she bought it. "See, I wear dark clothing all the time," Williams noted. Williams still wasn't sure how, but the clean jacket says it all--the magnet really does work. "It almost is as if it rolls it," Williams said. If you even had to guess what our expert's five start rating would be: "Five stars. It's worth its weight in gold." Well, you heard it. This dog groomer has found her new best friend. And Williams, maybe it's time for a new pillow.
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