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The Curly Fry Cutter

Don't Buy it 'Til We Try It

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By Meagan Wallace


Updated: Wed, 09 Oct 2013 07:35:51 MST

It's been a delicious treat for decades: homemade fries. But the task of cutting all of those potatoes can be time consuming--and how do you get a perfect curly fry? Well, now there's one tool that promises to do it all: the Curly Fry Cutter. The curly fry cutter claims it's the easiest way to cut those perfect curly fries, with easy assembly and effortless use. We took the product to Theo Otte, owner of 626 on Rood, a local restaurant here in Grand Junction. Otte got the product together just fine but then noticed a minor problem while getting started. "The little directions say, 'Oh, just peel the potato.' You've got your rounded edge--put it in, and it would work, you actually have the slice the ends off the potato." Once that was solved, Otte started winding. "OK, let's see if it really works." And it did! Pretty soon we had a bowl full of curly potato fries. Otte dumped a handful in the fryer, and after a little seasoning: "Yum, they're really good." But there were some glitches that Otte found in the product. "The gripper doesn't work. I mean, as far as putting the potato on there and holding it inside, you've got to kind of, like, hold it there and get it into place." And the stainless steel blade? "It's a really sharp blade. It's not protected. Hand washing, you could easily slice yourself on it." So what's our expert's five-star rating for the Curly Fry Cutter? "It probably is a four-star. It simplifies things. Most people at home can't cut fries this evenly."
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