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The Best of "As Seen On TV" Products

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By Meaghan Wallace


Updated: Wed, 09 Oct 2013 10:51:35 MST

You've seen them advertised on television over and over again: products that promise to make your life that much easier, whether it’s beauty tools, cooking utensils or home improvement gadgets. We're taking a trip down memory lane to recap which As Seen on TV products we've tested out that will give you the most bang for your buck. In the pet department, a handy tool called the Pet Hair Magnet promises to ease your stress when things get a little hairy. It is just a bit peculiar though! "I don't see a magnet. Looks like it could clean windows," said Becky Williams, pet groomer at HBJ’s Grooming. Don't be fooled by its looks. It does more than that. With just a swipe of this tool you can get rid of that unwanted pet hair that finds its way onto just about everything. "I like it. I give it five stars,” said Williams. “It's worth its weight in gold." Every handyman could use a little of the Mighty Putty. It can offer you a quick fix to bond together virtually anything. "It would do something temporary for you to get you out of a jam,” said David Boyd, owner of Duffy’s Property Repair. What was this handyman’s five star rating of the Mighty Putty? “It’s definitely a four,” said Boyd. “Everybody’s got a junk drawer. It's a good thing to have." A good thing to have for all the ladies out there: Bump Its. The simple addition of this plastic piece can add volume to your otherwise limp locks. You'll be looking like you came straight from the salon, if you know how to work them just right. It could take your hair style to new heights; this product got a solid four. Also in the beauty world: a body shaping garment that could help you drop a dress size instantly, the Slim 'N' Lift. Our model wiggled her way in and then we took the measuring tape to her frame. "The waist is an inch different, the hip was an inch different from the first time we measured, the thigh was a half inch different," said Edra Lutz, seamstress from A Stitch ‘N Time. This undergarment can boost your ego and slim your silhouette in seconds. It got a four. As for kitchen appliances, the Curly Fry Cutter rated great. It’s a simple and easy way to make restaurant-style fries for your family. It cuts the perfect curl every time; this got a four. Those are some of our top picks for As Seen on TV products. Because you never want to buy it until our local experts try it and give it a stellar rating.
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