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Style Snaps: Does It Make Hemming Pop?

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By KREX News Room


Updated: Mon, 09 Dec 2013 09:02:14 MST

Stressed out with an outfit decision? What if you could totally change your look in minutes with a temporary hem? Style Snaps promises to make your pants look perfect with any shoe you choose. The Style Snaps--it claims to be the easiest way to hem with no sewing necessary. Over at the the Sewing Room in Grand Junction, Sharlott Alcorta is kept busy with tailoring customer's clothing to the perfect lengths. So We brought Alcorta the Style Snaps, because this seamstress knows the importance of having your clothes fit just right. "A neat finish at the bottom will make any outfit look great," Alcorta said. We took a look at the snaps and they didn't seem too intimidating. "Well, the idea seems to be relatively simple here." You take two pieces and snap them together. They both have adhesive on the back which you put to the clothes. We decided to hem a pair of my jeans that are long enough to wear with high heels. They're a heavy material, but the style snaps does promise they can do the job on just about anything, so we gave it a try. In a matter of minutes, Alcorta had four pairs of snaps on each leg of my jeans and they were about an inch and a half shorter in length. The snaps are about the size of your average paperclip, but Alcorta said they do feel pretty bulky, and she's not sure how you could use them on all material. "I wouldn't put it on anything lightweight because it's so bulky it would show in your hemline." The Style Snaps also claim to be reusable, so we took one from the jeans... "They say its as sticky the second time as it is the first time, and reusable up to ten times." ....and we put it to one of my blouses. Alcorta wasn't pleased with the job. You could clearly see the plastic in between the two pieces of clothes. The stretchy material of the shirt was pulling the adhesive apart. So we pulled a used snap from the jeans and tried it on my blouse. That seemed just heavy enough material to try it on. And how did the hemmed jeans hold up? From a distance, it looks good, but Alcorta pointed out the snaps were already falling off. "They're wanting you to be able to remove them when you wash them, but it's not holding the job. It's not doing the job." So, what's our expert's five-star rating for the Style Snaps? "I would give it a one. There's a lot easier, more economical ways of hemming."
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