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Senator Bennet Applauds Innovative Companies

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Updated: Tue, 15 Apr 2014 07:04:50 MST

GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. - Senator Michael Bennet was in Grand Junction Tuesday as part of his statewide innovation tour and visited Mountain Racing Products.

His tour highlights the entrepreneurial spirit of Colorado in preparation of the U.S. Patent and Trademark Satellite Office opening in Denver this summer.

"Anybody who thinks manufacturing is dead in America should come to the companies that we're visiting," said Senator Michael Bennet.

Senator Bennet praised Mountain Racing Products for bringing more manufacturing jobs closer to home.

"We specialize in finding solutions for our hard core enthusiasts to better enjoy their ride," said Mountain Racing Products president Tim Fry.

The company has been inventing and producing unique cycling products since 2000.

"Invented here, made in the United States, in this case Colorado which makes it even better, and sold to the rest of the world," said Senator Bennet.

"We design the products here, many of the products, and we also manufacture a fair amount of the products here, we do outsource some products, but the majority of them are produced right here in Colorado and in Grand Junction," said Fry.

Mountain Racing Products is looking forward to the regional patent office in Denver, and said it will save them time and money in obtaining additional patents.

"Innovation is the other big part of it because it's companies like this one that are innovating constantly and thinking about the future, inventing the future in a sense, that are going to produce the jobs and wages that are going to allow us to have a rising middle class again not just in Colorado, but across the country," said Senator Bennet.

"Everybody knows Colorado and knows what this is like and what the riding conditions are here and if we can make products that survive here in most cases they can survive anywhere," said Fry.

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