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Pro Caulk: Helps with Home Improvement Projects?

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By KREX News RoomAshley Soukup


Updated: Wed, 09 Oct 2013 09:56:00 MST

Summer is officially here, and that means people are busy with tons of home improvement projects around the house. A new as seen on TV product is giving you a helping hand with one task that can get pretty messy. "Caulking is really important. You can seal your windows and doors, and that way you can cut down on drafts and breezes," said Dennis Rosette of the Home Depot. Caulking can save you some serious cash and keep your home looking good. With hundreds of different products on the shelves, we wanted to see if this one, Pro Caulk, is as good as the rest. "It has a total of three tools," Rosette said. But the proof is in the pudding, and this product could make your life a bit easier when doing those tedious home improvement tasks. "It's a neat tool. It definitely makes your caulking job easier and you get more uniform joints," Rosette said. It was easy to use too. Even amateurs could get their projects done quickly. And it shows off in the rating. Out of a possible five stars, "Overall I'd give it a four rating. It did an excellent job, honestly. Nice consistent seams with the caulking," Rosette said. So Pro Caulk lives up to its name, giving you the perfect finishing touches for both your projects and your home.
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