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Pops-A-Dent: Will It Take the Dings Out?

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By KREX News Room


Updated: Wed, 09 Oct 2013 10:35:58 MST

We've all been there. You've gotten into a little fender bender and ended up with a dent in your car the size of Nebraska. But one new product is putting the smooth and shine back into your ride with just a pop. Well, sort of. Pops-a-Dent is easy to use, so we took it to an expert: John Kastrup of Perri's Collision in Grand Junction. "I've worked on dents like this every day," said Kastrup. So, you just have to warm up the glue gun, smear on the glue, and attack that dent; but Kastrup is quick to point out it won't work on every ding. "It's going to be impossible to pull out anything like that size with this piece, but it might work for little door dings or tiny dings," said Kastrup. We zeroed in on the small dent, made some pressure and, pop! Strike one, but let's give it one more try just in case. Pop! "The whole dent is still there," said Kastrup. Actually, the dent was worse off after this product because it left the sticky glue on the car. So, our expert has to give it a failing score. "A-one, it doesn't work," said Kastrup. But the glue gun may be a keeper. "It would work great for crafts. My kids would love it for building stuff," said Kastrup. Professionals suggest racing this product right back to the shelves.
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