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People You Can Count On: Kelli McCall

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Updated: Fri, 28 Feb 2014 01:19:47 MST

MESA COUNTY, Colo.- Kelli McCall is a people person and her profession goes hand in hand.

"I love people. The thing about photography is you're going to want to capture something and keep it forever. What better way than in a picture? And, what better way than to be a part of peoples lives?" explains McCall.

"I photograph from new born babies, to weddings, to families, to high school seniors, to children. I do a little bit of everything," adds McCall.

Another way McCall connects with people is on a deeper level, a moment unthinkable for any family.

"I volunteer for an organization called Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep. Anytime our local hospital has a stillborn baby, or that baby is not going to make it and it's an infant, then they call me and I go to the hospital and photograph either the family with the baby, or just the baby," describes McCall.

The moment can happen at any time of the day, or night and with only a small window of when it can be captured.

"I'm in there for about twenty minutes. (Sometimes) they're not sure they want to see that baby yet. But a year, six months, 2 years down the road they might say, 'I sure wonder what that baby looked like'. And maybe they don't ever look at it, but they know they've got it tucked away should they ever want to see what that baby looked like," explains McCall.

"I would dare say that many of them wouldn’t recognize my face it they saw me again," she adds.

Although she may go unnoticed, its people like Kelli that help so many in our area cope with a major loss.

"I thought she's perfect doing this. Taking the pictures of the babies for the families, maybe helping them through their grieving process, that's phenomenal," explains Marlyce Darnell, the person who nominated Kelli for NewsChannel 5's People You Can Count On.

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