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One Touch Can Opener: Can It Cut Down Your Kitchen Time?

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By Meaghan Wallace


Updated: Wed, 09 Oct 2013 09:49:56 MST

Do you ever struggle when it comes to opening a can? One product is promising to open a can with one press of a button. "Our time is important. Time is money," said Paul Knaysi, Pablo’s Pizza owner. Grand Junction's popular Pablo's Pizza likes to keep their business running efficiently, so what could a hands-free can opener do for this busy business? "Especially if we run out of something that we use from a can, like black olives, we would need to open that quickly," said Knaysi. We’re trying out the One Touch Can Opener with Knaysi to see how it would fare against one of the jumbo cans they use every day. With some confusing directions, Knaysi struggled a bit to get two AA batteries into the device, but he eventually figured out where to put the batteries in and then we put it to the test. "It's cutting it right from there," said Knaysi. It came to a halt, so Knaysi pulled off the top to see if it had really cut all the way around. "It's an interesting product. It's very slow,” said Knaysi. “If we needed it in an emergency, it would be very frustrating. But you know, I think for somebody with arthritis or the elderly, when they have trouble opening cans, I think it would be a good product." What's our expert's five-star rating of the One Touch Can Opener? "I would rate it a three," said Knaysi. So there you have it. It does the job, but maybe just not as fast as you would hope.
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