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One Second Needle: A Helping Hand with Sewing Jobs?

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By KREX News RoomAshley Soukup


Updated: Wed, 09 Oct 2013 10:24:43 MST

Threading a needle takes some talent, but a new product is making sewing a pleasure every time. "One Second Needle: It's as easy as one, two, three," said Rebecca Bench. One Second Needle needed to be put to the test, so Rebecca Bench, owner of Village Cleaners in Grand Junction, had no problem seeing if this product is all it's cracked up to be. It's easy enough to use. Even the expert noticed how fast it was to thread. "The threading is very easy," Bench said. But after the needle is threaded, is it going to make your sewing jobs easier and faster? "It acts almost like a crochet hook, so there's a little rough spot here and that snags the double stretch-knit fabric," Bench exclaimed. It did, however, get high marks with tougher fabrics like denim. "Works great on denim!" she said. And it came with a travel-size sewing kit, but our expert has a few concerns even with that. "You can usually buy a travel size sewing kit for, maybe, $3 or $4 that will include a lot of these same things," Bench said. So, she's not convinced about the product or the price of $10. And out of 5 stars? "I would only give it a 2½. Hems falling out or buttons falling off, you might be able to use it enough to make the repair," Bench said. So for all your sewing repairs, this product may be a stitch below a good old needle and thread.
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