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More People are Moving to Montrose County

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Updated: Fri, 17 Jan 2014 08:05:39 MST

GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. - The Montrose County Planning and Development Department says 2014 looks to be a hopeful year for economic growth. This is due to the increase of building permits in 2013.


Officials say since 2008 the economy has obviously taken a down turn and permits seemed to follow that trend.


"Building permits were almost down to zero,” said Montrose County manager Rick Eckert.


However, building permits received a 10 percent increase from 162 permits in 2012 to 179 in 2013. The single family resident permits received a 31 percent increase making it a $1.6 million valuation making it a 42 percent growth from 2012.


 Local contractors say they are keeping busy.


"It's keeping the economy going, it's keeping the contractors working and all the local businesses are seeing an up swing,” said Eckert.


“Last year we had to turn down some jobs  and move them to the spring and not even do them at all because the amount of influx of the new building that's going on," said contractor Chris Sjoden. 


Officials say what has really helped them is not having any impact fees associated with the permits and this is trend that will continue.


"We eliminated those at least for the foreseeable future and it's been reduced and eliminated for the past several years so that helps and people see that as a positive thing for our county to stir increase and growth,” said Eckert.


Eckert says this will also help increase the planning and development staff which only has two other people working. 

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