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Mighty Putty

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By Meaghan Wallace


Updated: Wed, 09 Oct 2013 09:49:52 MST

There's never a good time for something to break, and in those tough jams that life brings your way, everyone wants a secret weapon for a quick fix. And now there's a putty adhesive on the marketing that's promising to make your mending much easier. The Mighty Putty. Perfect for home and car repairs--promises to bond to almost anything: "Fill and seal virtually anything fast and make it last," the commercial promises. And who better to try it than a guy who's been fixing things all his life? "I've done it every since I was a kid," said David Boyd, from Duffy's Property Repair in Grand Junction. He has seen many of these products come and go from the market, but admits they are pretty handy. "It would do something temporary for you to get out of a jam," he said. To use the putty properly, Boyd says that you have to mix it thoroughly. "If it's not mixed thoroughly, you're not going to have the full effect of the putty itself." We were skeptical that the Mighty Putty promised it could even mold into a mug handle, so we made a few adjustments to one of our mugs and tried it out. Boyd started molding the Mighty Putty around the broken handle and seemed pretty satisfied with his repair. "If you had hot enough coffee, oh, yeah, I would definitely do it." To simulate using the putty on a leaking pipe, Boyd drilled a hole in a pipe, closed both ends, put putty over the hole and then put an air pressure pump to it. "That's not good. That's not very much at all, and it didn't hold it a bit," he said. "It's a temporary thing until you can get a good permanent fix." While it did seem to be just a temporary fix for the second thing we tried it on--what's our expert's overall five-star rating for the Mighty Putty? "Definitely a four. Everybody has a junk drawer. It's a good thing to have laying around."
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