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Local Store Brings New Lego Movie to Life

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Updated: Thu, 16 Jan 2014 04:02:31 MST

GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. - For anyone who enjoys playing with a Legos one local store is helping promote the new movie in theaters this February.


eBricks Outlet Store owner Kenneth Riskey created a 3,800 Lego brick logo from the movie poster. 


Riskey says this movie has been in the making for a long time and as a Lego seller and collector he feels Legos can help in a child’s brain development.


"It helps develop there motor skills and it gets them to sit down and be still for more than three minutes at a time,” said Riskey.


Riskey says Legos are still relevant in today’s workforce.


"There's an engineering place here in town they do mock up with Lego so of they're going to do something; they'll do a prototype in Lego first to kind of conceptualize it and have a 3d model,” said Riskey.


For fellow Lego builder, father, Bryan Dubose, fellow Lego builder, father and manger at The Spring Works automotive store says Legos provide a great bonding time with his son.


"Going to apply it to what he is making and it kind of goes from your thought process on, I think I want to make this truck and how your going to actually find the pieces to do that,” said Dubose.


Dubose says this also helps introduce him to his line of work.


"You know if we're working with axles or rock bars or grill guards, it all pertains of what I do here but it's on his level and his base,” said Dubose.


Riskey says it took him and three other people three days to build the logo.


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