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Juror Removed From Jensen Trial For Illegal Contact

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Updated: Fri, 24 Jan 2014 07:42:06 MST

GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. - Day four of the Heather Jensen trial finished up Friday.


The morning began with Judge Robison removing one of the jury members when it was discovered she had added a witness from the trial as a friend on Facebook.


The prosecution argued there’s no way to know if the juror would weigh that witness’s testimony differently than others.


As a result, a reserve juror is expected to take her place.


The trial then resumed as the prosecution continued to call witnesses to the stand.


A lot of the testimony began to focus on the red 4-Runner Jensen was driving during the incident.


Mesa County Auto Mechanic Dave Wolny was first to fully inspect the car. He said he saw “the temp control in the full on heat position… the fan was off, and I found the controls were set to recirculation.”


Mesa County investigator Ehlers was then called to the stand. He said he conducted multiple experiments on the truck. One in which he turned the heater up to the settings reported by Jensen.


Ehlers reported the truck reached 139 degrees Fahrenheit in just 45 minutes in one of the experiment.

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