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Is the Big Top Donut Worth It?

Don't Buy it 'Til We Try It

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By Meaghan Wallace


Updated: Wed, 09 Oct 2013 07:37:46 MST

If you're looking for a way to spice up your holiday sweets, there is a new product that promises a fun and easy way too give your treats a twist. "Step into the big top donut shop!" the commercial says. "The fast, fresh, and easy way to make delicious donuts that are as big as your head!" I took it to Village Inn here in Grand Junction, where the kitchen manager, Stephen Barnell, is the jack of all trades. It's not unusual to see him frosting a pie and cooking up some of the restaurants tasty treats. To start, the big top donut can be used with any kind of cake you like, and just add the ingredients listed on the box, mix, and pour. Now you have to make sure that the molds are well greased with cooking spray or butter and seal the top onto one of the mold securely. Then Barnell popped it in the over for 45 minutes. And then we had what looked and smelled like a really good cake. Once it cooled, Barnell pulled the top off one of the molds and then had to figure out how to put the two pieces together. "You can flip it inside out and it comes out there pretty easy," he said. The cakes slid right out of the molds, and Barnell put one on top of the other, and then we saw something that looked like the leaning tower of Pisa. And he realized it is definitely necessary to even off the tops of the cakes. "You have to with a knife level it out," Barnell noted. So he did a little reconstruction and then they fit together like a glove. And our expert's rating of the Big Top Donut? "I would give it a five-star rating. I really liked it." The Big Top Donut even comes with a decorating book to give you fun ideas for creating your personalized donut. While my cake frosting abilities were less than impressive, NewsChannel 5's Joe Thompson didn't mind at all.
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