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Infiniti Nano Silver

Does It Straighten Hair, or Is It Blowing Steam?

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By Meaghan Wallace


Updated: Wed, 09 Oct 2013 07:46:04 MST

Getting that perfectly straight hair can be quite a challenge, and over time, very damaging. With many hair straighteners available, one stands apart by promising to give you the best result --with just steam. Conair has come out with the Infiniti Nano Silver that promises sleek and shine by steam. It's got a handful of features, including retractable combs on the plates for different types of hair, and it gets up to 395 degrees. We headed to Five60 Salon here in Grand Junction, where hair stylist Barbara Roberts usually uses a a ceramic straightener on her clients and was a little hesitant to try out the steam straightener. "Moisture is kind of the enemy of straight hair. Humidity is just going to make it curlier," said Roberts. We tried it out on one of Five60's other stylists, Hillary Emmons, who has naturally wavy tresses. In order to get the steam affect, you have to start by pouring a small amount of distilled water into part of the straightener. "Maybe a tablespoon of water," said Roberts. Then, we plugged it in, and it heated up very fast. You could hear the steam gurgling within the plates, and once it was put to the hair, billows of steam appeared. "It straightened quite well, but the plates aren't terribly smooth, so you're going to feel that on your hair. And those big plates also made it hard to get to the root of the curl," said Roberts. And the big plates made it hard to get to the root. "It's hard to get up close to the scalp with it. Getting that little crease in it." So what did Emmons think of her steamed straightened hair? "It feels a little dry. I don't know, necessarily, if the steam did anything. It wasn't anything better than the normal." "A really good quality, simple flat iron is going to do just as well if not better. The flat iron is pretty wide this way, so that actually makes it difficult," said Roberts. And our expert's five star-rating for the steam straightener? "Oh, a three. Too many unnecessary features, a little too heavy, not quite as convenient," Roberts said. "The steam is honestly just a gimmick," said Emmons.
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