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Fix or Fail: Does the Furniture Fix Work?

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By KREX News Room


Updated: Wed, 09 Oct 2013 09:55:18 MST

In these tough economic times, replacing a couch or chair with a brand new one may be out of reach for many families. There's a new product seen on tv that promises to extend the life of your favorite seat. Everybody's got their favorite place in the house to kick back and relax, but over time these aren't as plump and perky as they used to be. That's why there's a product out right now called the Furniture Fix that's promising to do something about those sagging cushions. Habitat for Humanity Restore in Grand Junction is a second-hand home supply store loaded with colorful and unique furniture. "Some of them come in and they've only been sat on one or two times, and they're pretty much brand new; and then there's others that have been loved a little bit more than others," said Christain Holybee. We spotted the perfect piece in need of a little boost from our furniture fixer. Restore employee Christain Holybee got right to work, eager to see if this could really help saggy upholstery. The tricky part about the furniture fix is how to get the plastic panels together. "It's not quite as easy as you would think it to be--there we go!" Depending on the size of your seat or bed, you can lock as many of the panels together as you want, so we did all six that came in the box. The Furniture Fix slid right in and fit perfectly into our seat cushion. so then, Holybee sat down and gave it a try. "It's firmer," Holybee said. She also compared it to the cushion that didn't have the Furniture Fix in it. "Yeah, you can feel a difference," she said. We were also curious to see how it held up underneath Hollybee. "It moved back a little, but they stayed pretty well together." So what's our expert's five-star rating? "Three and a half stars. I definitely think this product firms up the cushions. It seems like it works to me." Well, there you have it. Maybe your favorite piece of furniture can avoid the dump for a bit longer.
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