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Easy Reach: A Helping Hand in the Garden?

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By KREX News RoomAshley Soukup


Updated: Wed, 09 Oct 2013 10:19:41 MST

All those gardeners or people that like the look of real, live plants listen up! Maintaining those hanging plants may have just gotten a lot easier. Easy Reach Plant Pulley does the trick, making it easier to reach your plants with a pulley system and locking at any level. So in order to try this gadget, we needed some plants, and there's nowhere better than at Bookcliff Gardens in Grand Junction. Employee Mona Dyer knows a thing or two about keeping plants alive and well "I'm pretty much a life-long gardener," said Dyer, so she's offered to help us test this new product. Directions are easy, and we're ready to hang some plants, except: "It's not locking," said Dyer. So the first try, not so good, but let's try it one more time after reading the directions again. "Ah ha!" said Dyer. We'll just chock up that first try to a rookie mistake. We were actually able to get the device working at many different levels, which means it's a winner for our expert. "I see the benefit of this, especially when the pots are up really high," said Dyer. So she likes it. And she shows her excitement in her score. "I'd probably give this a four. It's a pretty handy little tool if it's on a patio," said Dyer. This tool may be just the thing you need to start your spring gardening off on the right foot.
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